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Looking for a virtual friend

It is time to have virtual friends. Yes, as you read it. As you know, I’ve been living in another country, with another language, for a little more than a year. Since I arrived, I started to learn how to communicate in English. It is a very difficult task… but it isn´t impossible. However, when I changed my country of residence, I changed my friends. My friends aren´t those whom I used to have because they are in my country.

Ok, I know that I didn´t lose them, but I am talking about people who are now in my everyday life. I miss my friends every day of my life! But I have to tell you that now I have “friends” whom I did not choose.

It is true. My friends are my classmates now, but I do not want to be friend of them because they are not interesting for me: they are very young; they want to feel free (because they are from countries where, maybe, they have a lot of restrictions) and they speak worst than me. I don´t feel comfortable. The issue is that I have to accept this because I have to.

At the moment, I am not able to make Australian friends because they speak very fast and I cannot understand them. However, I feel confident of my writing. That is the reason I am able to write this blog. I think, the most important aim of this is to have friends…. virtual friends… those who are capable to read my posts to comment them, always in a good mood. I want to find those friends, like the real friends in our life whom never criticise or laugh of my feelings. I bet I´ll find at least one.


It is not the best, but it is the begining…

I’ve been living in a foreign country for a little more than a year. My first language isn’t English, but I´ve been learning it for the same time. I did a general English course where I learnt how to talk, understand and write in a simply way. However, I feel I am in a big hole, because I cannot interact effectively with others. I understand this process takes time… but it is very difficult when you are not an adolescent.
My desire is to be a writer. An English writer. I´d like to share my feelings with others through words. Nevertheless I feel I cannot. I don´t know how to start… I don´t know how to express another feeling more than my fear. Always when I start to write, my ideas are related to my inability to express something different than my fear and my memories in my country with my family and friends. How can I write amazing stories? Perhaps it is because am I sad? However, I don´t feel I am sad! Sometimes I feel I miss my friends and my success in my country…but most of times I feel good. It is true that my life here is not the same that the life I used to have. In my country I was a doctor, with plenty of friends and the best quality of life. Now, I am a student… and worst! I am the partner of a student! Because I am not studying at the moment. My partner is studying a master in business and I am at home doing nothing and all: gardening, cooking, riding my bike and volunteering with the Red Cross.
Oh! I think I have found the problem! It is the secret of writing. It helps us to discover different things. Oh! I think I have found the problem! It is the secret of writing. It helps us to discover different things. I don´t have the same situation than before and I haven´t accepted it! It doesn´t mean I am different. I should use this time in my life to improve different skills. Perhaps it is time to a challenge.