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How does music make me feel happy?


That is the window of my little dinning room. But I don´t want to show a picture. I want that you listen the music that I am listening now… It is the most beautiful music that my ears can listen now… because it is the moment. It is the moment to wake up and be happy. I don´t need to say any more… only listen the music… the music of meditation and relaxation.

I don´t know the answer to that question. The truth is that I feel happy and the music makes me feel like that.



I was meditating

Hi. For years, I have felt that I am a special person. A person who can help others with my eyes, my hands , my words, or simply , with my presence. However, I haven´t been in that wave of healthy life and meditation… I don´t know what does mean Zen, Yin Yang, Chakra, Yoga or those words which are related to that behaviour. But I am… I am a person who has a power that I cannot explain.

That power has been here forever. Since I was a child. Since I was in the kindergarten when I was playing with an invisible friend who was everywhere, even in my foot ball. But soon I started to fight between that strange force and the life in a busy city. And my force was inside, waiting to go out and fly, but the sounds of the city always made it afraid.

When I was 25, I felt it was time to put my power outside. But soon, again, the life in the capitalist world made that the power was sleeping.

4 days ago, I was reading some blogs on the internet. And I saw a nice man who has captivated me with his smile and his beautiful face. His name is Ido. And I started to read his blog and suddenly, my power was moving inside me, wanting to go out to change my life and my world…

I started to feel something different. It means, something is changing, but it is good. I feel I have found the door to be free and happy…the door to put my special power in the place that needs to be.

People said I meditated. I don´t know; simply I found something that I thought it was lost.

I like silence

Hello world. I am here in front of my computer, watching pictures I have taken for a long time. Ok, they are not the pictures I have taken for years because at the beginning of this year, my computer was broken. When somebody fixed it, I started to let only the pictures I have taken this year. However, this post is not about pictures. It is about the sweet and scary sound of silence.

I don´t know why I cannot be a normal person, who likes stay in a busy place, with a lot of people, listening loud music and talking like a parrot. I would like to be that person! But no. I want to be in a peaceful place, perhaps reading or talking in a low voice the most of the times.  I prefer reading than talk by phone. I choose to see the landscape than go outside my house to talk with friends because I feel bored and alone. Nevertheless I would like to be different.

Today my partner wanted to go to talk with our lovely friends. However I am at home, I don´t know if bored or happy: I don´t know if I am wasting my time or I am doing something exciting. The truth is I am here, trying to express my ideas in this language, that it is not mine, trying to do something that I do not know if is my skill.

The picture is the picture of the bells of my aunt. She has been doing this collection of bells for at least 40 years. Her collection has more than 200 bells from worldwide. And I know bells have sound. They have the sound of silence because nobody is touching them.