Friends of fire

I have been bored for weeks. I feel something is missing in my life, perhaps the fire, perhaps the craziness. And I know that my friends are the authors of that. They are in my country, very far from here, and I miss them. For that reason, I wanted to find new exciting friends. I wanted to find those friends who do not criticise my life, my choices, my mistakes or my successes; those friends that want to live great moments with me. However, my friends must be funny, interesting, beautiful, crazy… in other words, gay.

When you are in a country where you are learning a new language, it is very difficult to make friends. It is very hard to ask for something in a supermarket or to ask for the route to go to your place when you want to take a bus. It is weird to go a bar and drink a beer trying to talk with people who have their own friends. For that reason, I have opened an account in a gay app. Yes, an app where you can chat with gay people at the beginning and if they are interesting or they are interested in you, you can make an appointment later.

A great surprise I got when I saw that many of the people in that app want sex, and the sex is asked before knowing the name. I don´t want that. I am a romantic person who want to fall in love and spend a time before sex. However, the most important thing is that I have a partner and I must not have sex with others. I am looking for those friends who make me fall in love, excited, alive and happy. I am a forbidden person but I want to fall in secret love with my friend. Do not misunderstand me… I am a good person and my feelings are not wrong. Simply I want to live it, in a good way.

Mike was one of the most interesting person that sent a message to me. It was strange, beautiful, lovely and a dream. In a day, we lived one of the most romantic moments people can live, only using our mind… we never met… we never are going to meet. However, I do not want this… I want a friend, a real friend, here in this city, where I am invisible for them.


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