I like silence

Hello world. I am here in front of my computer, watching pictures I have taken for a long time. Ok, they are not the pictures I have taken for years because at the beginning of this year, my computer was broken. When somebody fixed it, I started to let only the pictures I have taken this year. However, this post is not about pictures. It is about the sweet and scary sound of silence.

I don´t know why I cannot be a normal person, who likes stay in a busy place, with a lot of people, listening loud music and talking like a parrot. I would like to be that person! But no. I want to be in a peaceful place, perhaps reading or talking in a low voice the most of the times.  I prefer reading than talk by phone. I choose to see the landscape than go outside my house to talk with friends because I feel bored and alone. Nevertheless I would like to be different.

Today my partner wanted to go to talk with our lovely friends. However I am at home, I don´t know if bored or happy: I don´t know if I am wasting my time or I am doing something exciting. The truth is I am here, trying to express my ideas in this language, that it is not mine, trying to do something that I do not know if is my skill.

The picture is the picture of the bells of my aunt. She has been doing this collection of bells for at least 40 years. Her collection has more than 200 bells from worldwide. And I know bells have sound. They have the sound of silence because nobody is touching them.


2 comments so far

  1. Jimmy Astley on

    Hey man, thanks for you comment on my blog. Your life seems to be interesting, I really would like to hear more from you. I’m gathering courage to do the same thing you did: move to another country! It’s a shame your blog doesn’t have more information about you. Anyway, hope you keep writing. 🙂

  2. I Like Hot Water on

    Thank you for your comment. What sort of information you would like to know?

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